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Now you can easily have Windows as an app for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac


For individuals utilizing Apple devices in Windows-based work environments, Microsoft is unveiling a novel method to access Windows resources through its latest innovation, the Windows App. This app facilitates connections to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, Remote Desktop Services, and remote PCs.

The Windows App is currently in a specialized preview phase, available for iPhones, iPads, and Macs via Apple’s TestFlight program and app. However, due to TestFlight’s user capacity limits, access may be restricted if the limit has been reached. Alternatively, users can also access Windows App via a browser or a Windows PC.

This app enables users to seamlessly connect to various Windows services and remote PCs. Its adaptable home screen allows users to pin favorites for swift access. Supporting multiple accounts, Windows App offers a convenient feature enabling easy switching between them. Additional features include support for multiple monitors, customizable display resolutions, dynamic display scaling, and device redirection for audio, printers, storage devices, and webcams. Moreover, Microsoft Teams optimizations are integrated into the app.

Presently, the preview phase grants access exclusively to Microsoft business accounts, with no official confirmation on future consumer access. Although the sign-in prompt indicates potential use of personal accounts, functionality in this aspect is yet to be operational. This development signals Microsoft’s intent to streamline Windows accessibility on Apple devices, potentially eliminating the need for virtualization software.

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